CARE - NET is an integrated
Health care Consulting and
Management Firm that assists
organisations/institutions in
achieving their objectives in
the most effective and
efficient manner.

It is a limited liability company
registered in Nigeria. RC

We provide professional
services to the health
sector by bringing new
mind sets, native
intelligence and rare
insights in working in a
difficult environment such
as Nigeria.
Care Net Nigeria

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  • NCDs will break the bank in SSA

  • Feeback...Still on the National
    Health Bill and Primary Health Care

  • The tortuous journey of the
    National Health Bill in Nigeria

  • Editorial - How HMOs can make the
    next great leap forward in Nigeria
Volume 4, Issue 1
July 2011
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Health Insurance Affairs: Volume 4, Issue 1
Putting Health High on the Political Agenda

Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON) - organised a one-day
Workshop for Political Aspirants in the South - South geo-politcal
zone, focusing on their individual and collective responsibility to
deliver health outcomes as outlined in the National Results
Framework of the National Strategic Health Development Plan
(NSHDP) 2010 - 2015, when elected into office in May 2011

See main paper for discussion:
Developing State Health Priorities to
Reflect National Health Goals
And the accompaning power point presentation
The Promise of Impact
As the search for alternative solutions to
bridging the intractable funding gaps that
exist in financing social services in Sub
Saharan Africa continues; one approach that
is getting everyone thinking is 'impact
investment', which aims to solve social and
environmental problems while returning
profits to investors.
Doing well by doing good -
a new balancing act.